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Courier Service:

  • Order placed and ready for a pick up between 7am and 12pm
  • Will be delivered by 5pm
  • Normal Service is Monday – Friday, excluding holidays
  • Orders needing delivery “right now” will have a driver dispatched at the time of the call to pick up

Delivery Service:

  • JFX Direct Same day pricing
  • Price includes delivery within a 10 mile radius of pickup location
  • From an envelope to a truck load…delivery “on time”!
  • Round Trip 50% off

Messenger Service:

Messenger Additional Weight:

  • Over 50 lbs. = $.10 per pound extra
  • Cargo over 500 lbs. call for special pricing

Messenger Waiting Time:

  • Waiting time is charged at $15.00 per 15-minute increments
  • First 15 minutes included

Attempted Pickup and Delivery:

  • Attempted pick-ups for deliveries will be charged a flat rate of $25.00
  • Attempted deliveries will be charged at the full service price

(Additional surcharge for larger vehicles – Van $50.00)

Delivery of Hazardous Materials:

  • JFX Direct does not provide routine HazMat service, but special arrangements can be made

COD Delivery:

  • JFX Direct does provide routine COD service

At JFX, we proudly serve our continuously growing clientele base by being a dependable, one-stop source for the quickest and most affordable, delivery solutions available. JFX will deliver anything, anyplace and anytime – when you need it! Examples of items that we commonly deliver are:


– Paychecks
– Bank Papers
– Credit Cards
– Court/Legal Papers
– Escrow Documents
– Insurance Papers

Machine Parts

– Computers
– Computer Parts
– Car Parts
– Truck parts
– Keys
– Tools

Medical Supplies

– Prescriptions
– Labs, Core Blood, etc.
– X-Rays
– Medical Records
– Medical Specimens
– Surgical instruments
– Vet Records & Supplies